Kakkadampoyil, An unexplored hill station

Kakkadampoyil stands on the Western top of the Western Ghats surrounded by dense forests and deep valleys. The small hamlet of settlers is surrounded by tropical rain..

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Kakkadampoyil – The Perfect Place to Visit in Winter

Kakkadampoyil is the ultimate vacation spot for adventurers, honeymooners, and leisure
travelers. Therefore, it is essential to know when to visit Kakkadampoyil to get the most out of
your vacation. Due to its pleasant climate, Kakkadampoyil receives many visitors throughout the
year. Although it has cold winters, you can expect more tourists during the busy season.

In December and January, the weather is extremely cold. However, you will not experience
snow like you would in North Indian hill stations like Manali and Shimla. Even though
Kakkadampoyil does not experience heavy snowfall, thousands of tourists flock there during
Christmas and New Year during December and January.

Our winter season starts in December and persists until the end of January. The higher your
stay in kakkadampoyil (probably in one of the best luxury hotels in kakkadampoyil), the colder it
will get; hence, you must be prepared for the bone-chilling cold. Sattva Resort guarantees you a
luxury stay in kakkadampoyil.

Cold weather encourages travelers to engage in activities such as rock climbing & trekking for
warmth. Kakkadampoyil has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler, whether looking for fun,
adventure, relaxation, or exploration.

Enjoy an enchanting holiday with your family & friends at Experience exciting heaven in
Kakkadampoyil, also known as the mini-Ooty of Malabar. A small town nestled in the Western
Ghats of Kerala. Welcome to Sattva Resort and Experience exciting heaven in Kakkadampoyil.

Sattva, The Awakening Garden

Sattva Resort in the Western Ghats is situated on 10 acres of lush green terrain and surrounded
by lush green hills rising 2300 feet above sea level. From the resort, you can trek to stunning
locations that few people know about or have visited.
Sattva, The Awakening Garden Resort, offers luxury accommodations, a multi-cuisine
restaurant, an Ayurvedic spa with traditional Malabar Panchakarma treatments, and a children’s

Sattva is appropriate for conferences, workshops, classes, business meetings, and gatherings.
In addition, we offer the proper facilities for coordinating conferences and seminars in our
Pyramid hall and dormitories.
Sattva is appropriate for conferences, workshops, classes, business meetings, and social
gatherings. As well as the Pyramid hall and dormitories, we provide the necessary facilities to
coordinate meetings and seminars.

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