Kakkadampoyil, An unexplored hill station

Kakkadampoyil stands on the Western top of the Western Ghats surrounded by dense forests and deep valleys. The small hamlet of settlers is surrounded by tropical rain..

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Top Destinations Kakkadampoyil

Do you want a some green treat from city lives. Head to Kakkadampoyil, kakkadampoyi an idyllic village set in Koodaranhi panchayat in Kozhikode. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, Kakkadampoyil is dotted with scenic spots, green-clad rolling hills, and sparkling streams. Topped with a cool climate, the pristine settings of Kakkadampoyil is drawing the attention of tourists and nature lovers. This article help you to find Top Destinations & best tourist places.

Pazhassi Cave

The famous Pazhassi Cave is located at a place called Nayadam Poyil which is at a distance of about four kilometres from Kakkadampoyil. A two-kilometre trek through the forests will take you to the cave. It is believed that the cave was used as a resting point during journeys from Wayanad to Nilambur. Lore says that Pazhassi Raja used the cave as a hideout during his fight against the British. The tribal population in this region celebrates an annual festival in honour of the Raja to this day. The hillock is an excellent view point with several meadows and offers a spectacular view of the Panthirayiram forest frilled with a gushing river.


KurishuMala is a mountain located in Kakkadampoyil village around 15 km from Nilambur in Malappuram district of Kerala. There is a chain above the rocks to help the accent. A Cross symbol have been placed at the top of the hill. The place offers an ethereal atmosphere that refreshes the body and mind. You have to climb around 500 meters to reach the top. The path might be fully covered with fog and the view from the top is amazing which makes you forget about the distance you traveled. You will find this place o

Adyanpara Waterfall

Run wild and free like Nilambur’s Adyanpara Waterfall! The rhythm of this waterfall is a lullaby for your heart.

This eminent site belongs to the village of Kurumbalangode. Adyanpara Waterfall is a delight, principally during monsoon. This waterfall is not only presented by clear pristine water, it’s also adjoined by green lushly forest. The water is even reckoned to have medicinal properties. The water descends over rocks, making Adyanpara Waterfall more notable for trekking. You might even encounter migratory birds as this is one of their treasured hubs!

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Conolly’s Plot

Cross the longest hanging bridge of Kerala across Chaliyar river and Kurunjipuzha and witness this colossal beauty! Honored after H.V Conolly, the district collector during the rule of British, Conolly’s Plot is one of the oldest man-made teak plantations in the world.

H.V Conolly’s decision to plant teaks gave life to this celebrated teak plantation. Conolly’s Plot even takes care, one of the oldest living teak trees that has a girth of 420 cm. Take a walk through this promised land of teaks, and you might even be greeted by rare and exotic birds!

Kozhippara Waterfall

This dazzling waterfall is situated in a serene setting of flora. It’s close to the borders of Malappuram and Calicut district, embracing the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Possessed to the Kuthradampuzha River, Kozhippara Waterfall is an escape from the bustles of the city.

It’s not just about watching and learning the water, it’s about the feel Kozhippara Waterfalls gifts you. This rhythmic waterfall’s cool and crystal-clear water not only pacifies your eyes but also your mind.

Teak Museum

Who wouldn’t want to drop in to the world’s one and only Teak Museum? This museum would take you into the behind the scenes of Teak Trees.

You would not only get to know more about these marvelous trees, but also you come across traditional artefacts such as household objects, cloth chest that are carved from teak. Teak Museum accommodates a bio resource park where butterflies and rare exotic plants are taken care of. This is also home to a collection of infrequent moths, insects and butterflies. Teak Museum enlightens you about cultivation, habitat and management of teaks, so make sure to not miss it!

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